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HealthDrive is looking for the best medical and dental providers to join us on our mission to take care forward. If you’re passionate about providing quality care and want great benefits, you’ll love working with us.

  • Great Benefits
    • We offer highly competitive compensation with choice medical and dental benefits coverage.
  • Full Support
    • We take care of billing, scheduling, and all administrative tasks so that you can focus on providing the best care.
  • More Freedom
    • We accommodate your schedule by letting you choose the days you work.
  • Innovative Technology
    • We supply you with the latest technology to help you improve patient outcomes.
  • Complete Coverage
    • We offer comprehensive malpractice insurance, plus professional Regulatory and Compliance support at no cost to the provider.
  • Uncapped Opportunity
    • We help you grow your practice by connecting you with our extensive network of facilities.

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What Our Providers Are Saying

Find out why over 350 top-rated providers in the medical and dental fields chose to take their career forward with HealthDrive.

“I have worked for HealthDrive for almost 30 years now. My mother was Director of Activities at a local nursing home and had a degree in gerontology when I was going to school to become an optometrist. In college I worked part time as a certified nursing aide and a personal care attendant for a disabled teenager. I guess it was a natural progression for me to join HealthDrive as an optometrist knowing that I wanted to care for the elderly and help those that needed it the most, bringing services to them to help improve their quality of life.”

Dr. Kathleen Basile, OD

“Every day is a privilege to serve our population, not just by addressing their individual needs but for the rich personality profiles we engage.”

Dr. Donald Kohl Connecticut

“Healthdrive is a large medical practice company that has been in existence for decades. Over those years it has earned a reputation of providing consistent quality medical care for patients in the nursing home/rehab facility setting. As a large company, it can offer all the necessary support and ample resources needed to be successful as a provider from supplies, instruments, IT technology, specialty specific EHR, etc. Yet the company has a small team business approach for providers which individualizes each provider’s needs allowing for success as a practitioner.”

Dr. Sherry Hicks, DPM

“HealthDrive provides unparalleled support with unique autonomy while removing the hassle and stress of our modern healthcare system. HealthDrive has provided me with the financial means and the time to better enjoy my family and personal interests as compared to my previous practices.”

Dr. Stephen M. Offutt, MS, DPM

“Working for HealthDrive over the years it has been amazing to see the teamwork. No matter what a HealthDrive employees job is they are all willing to help at a moment’s notice because our ultimate goal as a team and a company is to help people. That’s something that is important to me and I’m honored to work for a company that is committed to providing excellent quality care.”

Dr. Courtney Hummel, AuD

“As a healthcare professional, it’s sometimes hard to have a fulfilling career and quality family life, but HealthDrive allows me to have both. As a podiatrist, my work day needs to go smoothly so I can focus on giving my patients quality personal care. HealthDrive offers me the administrative support that I need in order to provide that quality care. I’ve been a HealthDrive podiatrist for over a decade and it has been very rewarding providing care to our skilled nursing facility patients.”

Dr. Shadi Abboud, DPM

“HealthDrive has allowed me to provide care to a population that has an enormous need for services. What truly makes this company special is the people that make it up. It is a team-oriented environment whose sole focus is the patient. Working for HealthDrive has allowed me to work a flexible schedule and still be present in day to day activities at home, a true work-life balance that is hard to find.”

Dr. Tiffany Massela, OD