Frequently Asked Questions

Does our facility have to use all of HealthDrive’s services or can we pick and choose?
HealthDrive’s practices are all independent of each other, with clinical oversight by a Practice Director(s). You are welcome to choose whatever service(s) meet the needs of your long-term care facility.

How frequently will HealthDrive’s providers come and service the residents at our facility?
HealthDrive schedules visits based on your resident’s needs. If you require a visit between regularly scheduled appointments, you can request a visit by calling our main office.

Does HealthDrive provide advance notice so that my facility can prepare for visits?
HealthDrive makes every attempt to book all visits two weeks in advance. If we have a cancellation that presents an opening with less notice, we will reach out to the point of contact in your community, who has the right to accept or decline any visits dates.

Will my facility have immediate access to our resident’s medical records?
You can get immediate access to your resident’s medical records by speaking with a provider during a visit. If you need medical records at any other time, you can contact HealthDrive’s main office at 888-964-6681.

Does the same provider visit our facility every time?
HealthDrive designates a provider assigned to service your facility on a routine basis. If you require back-up support, we will send another local provider to ensure that your facility has appropriate patient coverage.

Will HealthDrive providers serve residents with Medicaid?
HealthDrive accepts residents with Medicaid and other types of insurance.

Does HealthDrive accept insurance?
HealthDrive verifies all insurance prior to initial visits. If coverage is provided through a resident’s insurance, we will bill directly to their insurance carrier. If prior authorization is required, we will take all necessary steps to complete authorization or communicate with you about the payer source status.

How do I apply for a position to become a provider with HealthDrive?
If you are a provider interested in working with HealthDrive, you can find open positions and apply online at If the position you are looking for is not listed, we encourage you to connect with us for future consideration at

What are the benefits that HealthDrive offers to its providers?
HealthDrive offers a full spectrum of benefits to our providers. Both full-time and part-time providers are given full malpractice coverage, mileage reimbursement for daily travel, a laptop, and medical equipment. We also offer full-time providers a comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits plan, including 401k and long-term disability insurance.
Our providers enjoy flexible schedules, with no appointments at night or on weekends. We also offer our providers full administrative support, including scheduling, enrollment, billing and regulatory oversight. That way, you can focus on what’s important–providing excellent patient care.

What do your providers enjoy most about working for HealthDrive?
Many providers join HealthDrive as an opportunity to give back and treat an often underserved population of long-term care facility residents. They appreciate the flexible schedule, clinical autonomy and ability to focus on the patient without additional administrative work.

What is the work setting at HealthDrive?
HealthDrive delivers quality care to patients in skilled nursing facilities, while Corporate positions are based out of headquarters in Framingham, MA. We also have field and territory sales positions in each of the states that we serve.

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