Testimonials from Facility Partners

Partnerships between HealthDrive and senior living facilities are developed through an intense process of careful evaluation and assessment. Ultimately, we know our culture and business practices are in line with each other. This approach yields long-lasting relationships with our facility partners and their management staff.

Read why our senior care facility partners like working with HealthDrive.

“HealthDrive has been a wonderful addition to our center. By offering our residents the opportunity to be seen, in-house, by four major providers, really makes our facility an excellent choice. The on-site, ongoing preventive services helps to keep our residents living the best life they can.”

Amanda Carey, Employee Payroll & Benefits Coordinator
Sandalwood Center, Massachusetts

“HealthDrive helps us meet regulatory compliance requirements by making operational activities, such as scheduling and tracking, virtually effortless! Residents love having these services offered on-site.”

Dana Decker, NHA, Executive Director
Three Oaks-Golden Living, Wisconsin

“The staff at HealthDrive is very accommodating and prompt with inquiries and requests. Their practitioners are friendly and understand the sensitivities of working within a senior nursing facility.”

Lisa A. Ryan, Administrator
Apple Rehab Colchester, Connecticut

“Pine Run has been using HealthDrive for almost 5 years, and our residents and families are happy with their service and commitment to the senior population.”

Julie Kozak, Director of Social Services
Pine Run Health Center, Pennsylvania

“Our residents were canceling appointments because they did not want to go out in the winter weather, or because they could not find a ride. HealthDrive provides our residents with the care they need, eliminating weather and transportation issues. Family members are grateful that their loved ones care isn’t being compromised. I trust HealthDrive. Their willingness to assist us, coupled with their highly knowledgeable physicians, makes them the ideal choice.”

Vanessa Nickel, Registered Nurse
Field of Dreams Assisted Living, Wisconsin

“We have always had a great relationship with our HealthDrive representatives. They provide friendly, personalized service, making them one of our most prized partnerships. They are familiar with our needs and prompt to address them. Their experience and knowledge of the insurance regulations and requirements is invaluable.

Renee Cole, Administrator
Westfield Care and Rehab Center, Connecticut

“HealthDrive is an integral part of our care team. They provide quality practitioners who are responsive to our residents and sensitive to the needs of our operation. When there is an issue, the HealthDrive staff is quick to respond with effective resolutions. We have been very happy with their services.”

Kurt Wheaton, Administrator
EPOCH-Norton, Massachusetts

“HealthDrive has been a major asset to The Bridges of Milwaukee (formerly Milwaukee Estates). HealthDrive has really made a difference for us. Their on-site provider services have become a critical selling point for our facility and help us to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace.”

Joseph Leonard, Nurse Liaison
The Bridges of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“HealthDrive provides us with quality services for our patients and residents. The team is extremely easy to work with, and always has the best interest of our clients in mind.”

Linna S. Rouquayrol, RN, Director of Nursing Services
Apple Rehab Mystic, Connecticut

“We switched to HealthDrive and have found their scheduler to be prompt; their doctors are very friendly and always thorough, so I would recommend HealthDrive.”

Nicole Dzomba
Birchwood Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, Wisconsin

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