About Us

HealthDrive was founded in 1989 by medical professionals who saw the need for a higher level of on-site medical and dental services in long-term care facilities. Our founders began assembling specialty doctors, skilled providers and practitioners who were rated to be the best in their field. Since then, HealthDrive has grown to employ 120 medical and dental providers in over 1,000 facilities, serving more than 135,000 senior living residents around the nation.

We understand the critical importance of good health and how it leads to a better quality of life. Our highly skilled on-site medical service providers not only deliver proactive healthcare to seniors in long-term care facilities, but deliver those services with the utmost care and empathy.

HealthDrive provides long-term care residents with dental, optometry, podiatry and audiology services where they reside, bringing services to senior living facilities who partner with us. Learn more about what makes us a leading provider:

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